A candid conversation with Velma Canaday with Tights by VC!

Tights by VC, Velma Canaday

Tights by VC, Velma Canaday

It is my sincere pleasure to introduce you to Velma Canaday! It's not too often I get to meet another Velma.

This is a fun conversation you can't miss! Velma is energizing, spunky, funny and has been very inspiring to me for a long time.

Listen for yourself to see how inspiring she is and find out what her motivation is to stay in shape and where she gets her ideas for her tights from.

You'll learn how about how she started selling tights in the first place and how the ideas for her books came about. It may surprise you.

Hear about all she does behind the scenes. I assure you, you will find it difficult to keep up.

Velma Canaday, a person totally obsessed with keeping 6 pack abs, staying in shape, looking good for as long as humanly possible and eating healthy. She started 2 businesses almost simultaneously to help people eat healthy and look good while they do it. She found it increasingly hard to find workout clothes to match her personality, uniqueness and budget conscious spending.  We all know that fitness, food and nutrition go together. In her quest to remain as in shape for as long as possible, she started researching nutrition and became a nutritionist after moving to Dallas,TX 4 years ago.  In that time she has become an author of 2 books on Nutrition, dishes out meal plans by the hundreds and even prepares meals for some of Dallas who's who.  The ultimate goal is to have a healthy restaurant, because let's face it, we NEED more of them.



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