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The Rude Grocery Store Lady
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I was in a local grocery store, and it's not one I usually frequent, but I've been going there more & more frequently because it's usually not as busy, I can get in and get out & quite frankly, they don't know me as well so I don't feel as obligated to mill about and talk. Not that, that's a bad thing - it just has it's time and place. 

So now that I've started frequenting this newer place, I'm becoming familiar. So I get greeted as someone familiar, not as someone who walks through the door. Know what I mean?

So, one day I walk into said store & I get recognized as a regular and approached; short convos, all good. 

I grab what I need and start heading towards the register and standing there was someone who I had not really had much encounter with. She's the only register open. I hesitate. Her vibe is so bad I consider taking all the things in my cart & putting them back on the store shelves and coming back later (seriously). I tread ahead anyway. Cautiously aware.

Right away I see she doesn't want to do her job, at least not for me. She didn't even look like she wanted to touch my groceries. As she proceeds with this attitude, I'm trying to talk to her for some asinine reason, and she clearly wants to keep her words to herself. 

At the same time, another girl who has waited on me frequently in my previous visits walks up, excited to see and talk to me, so we do. 

As we're talking, she goes and stands next to the lady ringing up my groceries (the mean lady). You know, the one with all the personality. Suddenly, the woman turns to the pleasant girl standing next to her and says, "Why is she yelling?", referring to me as if I wasn't standing there!! We both looked at each other with, "WTFFFFFFF?" on our faces. We stood there in disbelief and watched her check the rest of the groceries in silence, like it was a tennis match.

As I leave the store walking to the car, I begin to doubt myself. I began to wonder if I did the right thing in that situation. I start becoming angrier as I start to talk to myself,

 “If she’s the only clerk in the store when I return, I will leave the groceries there, she shouldn’t treat me that way. I work hard for my money! Who does she think she is.” 

On and on I lament. Somehow, just as angry as I made myself, was as quickly I had forgotten about it and went on with my day.

Fast forward a few days later and I return to that same store. The store opens at 7a, which makes me very happy so I go in and it’s very empty, which also makes me happy. I whizz through the store and get all the items I came in there for, floated to the one register that was open and begin to put my items up on the belt. 

Then,EXACTLY like in a horror movie, I turn back around and to my horror, it was the mean lady!

So instead of trying to plan my escape, I stand stunned. I am mortified. So I wait. For what, I’m not sure. She speaks. I still don’t really say anything. She figures she deserves that. 

She proceeds and begins to eyeball the items I’m buying as  she scans them. She starts to inquire about the things in my cart. I’m skeptical, but I begin to slowly answer her questions about the them and my reasons for buying them. She’s intrigued, and asks me more questions.

Before I know it we are in a 20 minute conversation about her 6 week stint in the hospital in which she’s had part of her intestines removed and how she’s doesn’t really know how to go about finding out about what to do about her health because she’s adopted and she has a twin. 

All I could think about is how grateful I was that I did not act a certified fool the first time I met her!

Hurting people hurt people. I’m not sure what she was going through the first time I met her, but I just want to show grace so that I can in turn receive grace. 

Misery is an option and misery loves company. You never know what people are going through. If you can’t find a nice person, be one.