Velma Garnes has been the epitome of fitness as long as I’ve known her. She has competed in mini and full marathons just to see if she could.

She inspires her students to give more during her training sessions and they respond well to her motivation and her enthusiasm, which indicates that she loves what she does.

If you want a truly motivating and moving training experience, look this trainer up because she is definitely worth it.

Trust me when I say that I know training that is both intense and demanding.

Semper Fidelis Velma.
— Major Bryan M. Esprit United States Marine Corps

Velma is such an inspiration to me. Because of her, I have lost a total of 80 pounds with only 30 more to go.

I now have a zest for working out, eating right (semi-organically) and I am enjoying my new found life!!!! Thank you, Velma!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Sylvia Kelley, Executive Assistant, CSU Athletics Department

Velma is an inspiration. She makes me want to be a healthier person in mind, spirit and body. She is so positive and uplifting.

Under her coaching, I have learned to love my body. I eat healthier today than I ever have in my life. I am more committed to exercise—I enjoy it (she helped me realize the fun and diversity).

She has so inspired me that I am running my first half marathon this spring! I know I will do it, I will finish the race.... because Velma is training me and has taught me to believe in me and my strength!

She is so knowledgeable. She is a natural teacher. She doesn’t just tell me “what to do” but she tells me why—she explains the impact, alternatives and the results that will come .

I highly recommend Velma as a trainer—she will have such a positive impact on you, as she has for me.
— Jodie Bare, V.P., Strategy and Services PrimeTech

Velma is the epitome of an amazing trainer. She is truly committed to her clients and their goals.

In my one year training with her, I have never heard a “negative” comment from her and she would not allow me to speak negative of my abilities.

Words of encouragement and empowerment remain constant during my sessions with Velma.

Moreover, she is honest and an inspiration to us “real women” by acknowledging the daily challenges of healthy living and provides us with the tools to approach these challenges.

Her knowledge in maximizing my workouts in a short period of time is priceless and she always keeps my body “guessing”.

Velma’s spirit is absolutely infectious. I look forward to seeing her weekly!
— Dr. Mariko Dewire

Somehow she makes her classes fun along with challenging, effective, and informative. That’s not an easy recipe to fulfill in my view.

I trust and respect Velma’s professional experience, knowledge, and expertise. I can’t wait to see progress going forward!
— Sean Sproul

I enjoyed your Inspired Clean Life® series and appreciated you sharing the information. I was particularly interested in the strategic food pairing. I enjoy reading about health and fitness info and your Inspired Clean Life® series was both interesting and informative. It contained relevant material that was new to me. It’s always great to learn something new and be able to put it into action particularly when it concerns my health and well being.
— Kathleen

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with celiac disease, and like many in my situation, I was lured by the wellness industry by promises of improved health through diet. Some voices were well-meaning but misguided, while other sources were misleading to the point of being harmful. I reached out to Velma after years of extremely restricted dieting alternating with despair and binging. I tried the Paleo diet, Keto diet, Whole 30…and found myself truly on the verge of disordered eating. Thanks to Velma’s protocol, I am normalizing my eating and learning to differentiate between the foods that truly make me sick and the panoply of foods that I can safely and happily enjoy. The journey toward healthy intuitive eating has just begun for me, but my energy levels are improving, and for the first time in years, I feel liberated from the pressures of extremely restricted eating. Happy, healthy, and forever grateful!
— Michal

I’m slowly making progress. I finally got my meals down pat. I must say that meal prep for me has been key. I love the workout videos you post! I’ve increased my water intake and drinking almost 2 liters a day!
— Ashley