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Toxicity: A Move to Safer Products.

When I hear about people “Detoxing” it’s usually in relation to bad foodstuffs that comes as a result of bad a eating binge eating on food or overconsumption of alcohol. 


My life has been touched by cancer many times. Whether or not the cause was because of this kind of toxicity we may never know, but wouldn’t be great to do whatever we can about it and decrease our risk? Couldn’t hurt, right. More and more exposure is happening to our bodies at levels we can no longer ignore if we are wise. Our bodies were not designed to deal with such high levels of toxic substances.


I’ve had a niece and sister law develop breast cancer and both have had to have their breasts removed. Both are survivors. I’ve had another family member find out that she has had leukemia and died the following week. None of it was congenital, so I started to become very curious what was going on and what may have been the cause. If it fate, or is it something we can help ourselves out of?


Not only does it increase the probability of cancer, but increased exposure to chemicals has also been associated with PCOS, thyroid problems, early onset menopause, early puberty to name a few. 


So, What do we know about detoxing? What exactly is it? 


There are several opportunities to ingest toxic substances:


Household Cleaning Products.

The key is sticking as close to things that are safer, natural and recognizable. Here are a few examples:


Baking soda

Dawn dish soap

Essential oils


Fresh Lemons

You can easily make your own cleaning products if you really wanted to from these items. 


Some Safe Brands:




Seventh Generation

J.R. Watkins

Simple Green



Better Life Products

Take the time to look through them and settle on one that resonates with you the most. You’re worth it. 

What You Eat.

Try to eat organic whenever you can, consume local products or grown your own are the best options.

Your Personal Skin Care Products

Flouride for instance. Did you know that Flouride is a neurotoxin? Fragrances are as well and are just about 100%  absorbable. Absolutely anything you put onto your skin. And you know I'm going to plug what I sell.


Here are some things you would never think about that are cause for concern and can make a toxic environment:

  • Air Fresheners (the kind you plug in and the kind you spray.)
  • Scented Candles
  • Fabric Softner sheets
  • Any household cleaners

The idea is to cut down on it as much as possible in order to reduce any sort of inflammation. Generally these things are the root cause of inflammation. Part of the problem is that we can’t really remove ALL toxins,  the next best thing to do is try to decrease the amount of it or the opportunities of ingestion.

The food we ate ain’t the food we now eat.  A lot has changed. The soil has been depleted because instead of working with nature, it’s been forced to grow stuff that will feed masses and be shipped to the masses instead of the locals and what grows well for that region.

Chemicals can be hormone disruptors. Your endocrine system is responsible for your hormone development. In addition to that it regulates your metabolism, and regulates your hormones.

How careful should you be? Oh, I don’t know, how much do you love yourself? While I do know some people can go overboard, you can’t be so obsessed with it that it prohibits you from enjoying life. Here are some tips to at least avoiding the most offensive culprits.

  • Find out what the dirty dozen are and try to avoid them. Eat organic when you can afford it and when you can find it. I am a big advocate for organic. This is especially important if you are of child bearing age and you plan to have children because whatever toxins you are building up in your body will be passed off into your children.




  • EWG also has an app that you can download onto your phone so that you can look up what you need wherever you are, like when you’re shopping. 


  • Research and study what’s in your hygiene products and use the EWG website to research the ingredients. 


  • Pay special attention to and remove: 

Thalates Endocrine disruptors. Your endocrine system consists of ovaries testes, adrenals, pancreas, pituitary glands, thyroid, parathyroid, hypothalamus, pineal gland. Your endocrine system is responsible for sending signals to every cell of your body.

Flouride a known neurotoxin

Fragrances hormone disruptors (menopause, puberty, thyroid, PCOS)

Glycophosphates (or glyphosphates) an herbicide mostly used for weed control, this chemical blocks the production of CYP which is an enzyme that helps detoxify the human body. Its job is to get rid of chemicals that the body cannot eliminate on it’s own

Propylene glycol is a penetrator enhancer which simple means that it causes other harmful chemicals to be absorbed quicker, so it’s a harmful chemical AND it acts as a carrier to other harmful chemicals.

Sodium Benzoates

BPA (Bisphenol A) found in teflon coating on pans, plastic wraps, and plastic containers; it is the biggest offender as far as hormonal disruptors

If you don’t want to have to remember any of these harmful chemicals, here are some special recipes for you that I made and used myself before I started using Beautycounter. They do all the heavy lifting for you. 


Did you know?

Did you know that the dose no longer determines the poison. In other words, just because you use a “little bit” or once, or a few times and you can still have a major reaction or challenge with it, but that doesn’t determine the poison anymore.  

Did you know that all fragrance are toxic?. Anything that is labeled as “fragrance” should be avoided because it fails under what is classified as IP. This means that the company can put whatever they want into it and no testing ever has to take place on that product to ensure the safety. 

Did you know that anything that you put into your armpits gets absorbed 100% so pay special attention to what you put into your armpits, so you want to pay special attention to what you put into them.

Did you know that the skin absorbs faster than any other organ in the body b/c of the lack of digestive enzymes to break it down, nor does it have the purification process of the liver.

Did you know that a company can claim that something is “natural” if it has only 1 natural ingredient. All other ingredients can be chemicals. 

Did you know that in the past that food never had to be called organic - it just was. Now we’re having to label things organic because chemical ingestion has become so commonplace.

Did you know that our body stores toxins in our fat cells. When the body has nowhere else to store toxins because it becomes so overloaded with them it causes our body to put on fat to store those chemicals. It will also cause the fat cells to multiply. 


Remove these chemical burdens from your body. You are worth it! Once you get these things out of your life, I promise you will notice the difference and then when you are exposed to it again, you will notice the difference immediately. Education is power and ultimately it is your decision. Vote with your dollars.